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Stop Smoking Treatment

When you are ready to stop smoking hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that helps you break the links with your outdated habit and replace the unwanted behavior with healthier alternatives.

This stop smoking 2 hour one-off treatment allows time for you to discuss your 'smoking history', acknowledge your reasons for smoking in the first place and confirm your reasons for wanting to stop now. This helps you identify your individual needs from the therapy. 

For example, you may like to have additional suggestions that help you work towards a specific goal or that focus on helping you enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The treatment can then be personalised based on the information you provide in the first part of the session.

During the trance you have the opportunity to 'switch off' your smoking habit and remember how easy it is to be a non-smoker. You realise all the benefits you enjoy by choosing to liberate yourself from smoking. Finally, you feel it's safe to leave the smoking habit in the past, focus on the future, and forget about smoking.

At the end of the session you feel refreshed, positive and ready to make a fresh start feeling focused on a healthy, smoke-free future.

Common questions on Stopping smoking using Hypnosis and related techniques

Why one-session stop smoking?

Once you've made the decision to free yourself, a single session is the best way forward.

What do you have to do?

Choose a day that's right for you, when things are likely to be routine rather than stressed.

 How does it work?

While you are in a relaxed trance state the hypnotherapist can make suggestions, agreed with you in advance, direct to your unconscious mind. These suggestions take into account your particular triggers (how, when, where and why you smoke). Suggestions made when you are in this relaxed state are easier to act on later.  These can include suggestions of healthy eating so that you do not put on weight.

What are the health benefits of stopping smoking?

20 minutes........
Blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal

8 hours...............
Blood nicotine & carbon monoxide halved. Oxygen restored to normal

24 hours.............
Carbon monoxide eliminated. Lungs start to clear mucus & debris

48 hours............
The body is nicotine-free. Ability to taste greatly improved

72 hours............
Breathing eases as bronchial tubes relax. Energy levels increase

2-12 weeks.......
Circulation improves

3-9 months........
Coughs & breathing problems lessen. Lung function increases by up to 10%

1 year................
Heart attack risk half of that of a smoker

10 years............
Lung cancer risk half that of a smoker

15 years...........
Heart attack risk equal a non-smoker. Lung cancer risk only slightly above that of a non-smoker

Where are sessions held?

Sessions are held in the comfort of your own home (central or greater London)  or in one of our central London Therapy rooms.



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